Top 10 expensive cycles in the world

Many people find cycling a great way to stay in shape and a means to socialize with other people. There are also several individuals and organizations that have pushed bikes as an alternative means of transportation for short distances. Still, many find cycling to be their own way to escape the daily grind of life, enjoy scenic views, and relax both their bodies and 10 expensive cycles

Whatever the reasons, bikes have remained popular since their invention and will remain a widespread device in the years to come. That being said, the first generation of bikes is now a far cry of their contemporary descendants. Better material, technologically advanced, and more durable, it is not a surprise that many bikes today will create a ding on anyone’s wallets. Some of the best bikes out there cost a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

However, there are a few selections of bikes that carry premium, five- figure price tags. The question is, are you willing to part with your money just to take these bikes home? Here are the 10 expensive mountain bikes that will make your wallet cry.

#10 Phanuel Krencker’s ‘Bicyclettes de Luxe’: $34,425

Designed and built by legendary bicycle maker Phanuel Krencker, the “Bicyclettes de Luxe” was specifically created for the 7th edition of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). This bike is made of custom parts that are predominantly made of chrome and carbon fiber. Krencker collaborated with several bike makers for the frame and the brake system to complete this luxurious mountain bike with the price of $34,425


#9 Litespeed Blade: $40,788

blade top 10 expensive cycles

The Litespeed Blade features a frame composed of carbon fiber and titanium alloy – expensive stuff. The bike’s overall design creates a platform that gives the rider a fast and excellent riding experience. It is also loaded with cycling tech such as the WRAP technology and advanced chains and spokes. But what makes the Litespeed Blade stand out from the rest is its pedigree and history. One of its famous users is none other than the cycling legend Lance Armstrong, one of the most dominant names in competitive cycling circuits in his heyday, including Tour de France with the price of $40,788


#8 eRockit’s Electric Assist Bicycle: $44,000

erockit top 10 expensive cycles

An invention of German innovator Stefan Gulas, the eRockit’s Electric Assist Bicycle looks more like a hybrid between a bicycle and a motorcycle than anything else. But Gulas insists that his creation is a human-powered bicycle with an added zing. The motor integrated in the body is charged as the rider pedals the bike. Once the rider switches to motor mode, the bike’s electric engine can run up to 81 miles per hour. The bike’s mini engine is powered by lithium, ion nano-phosphate batteries. Charging time can take up to three hours. A fully charged engine can take the rider from for 37 to almost 50 miles before needing another charge with the price of $44,000


top 10 expensive cycles

#7 Montante Luxury Gold Collection: $46,000

montante-luxury-gold-collectionThe Montante Luxury Gold bike is just an ordinary bike, until you realize it is covered in gold leaf and adorned by 1,000 Swarovski stones. The seat features plush leather for cushion, giving you the utmost comfort while riding. Like all other Montante models, this gold edition has the chops to deliver the performance you demand from a high end bike with the price of $46,000


#6 Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike: $60,000


A racing mountain bike with the bling bling, this expensive collaboration between Chrome Hearts and Cervelo is a fusion of speed and luxury. Expensive custom parts melded with plush leather, rhinestones, and precious metals, give you a flashy mountain bike that can perform well in competitive events such as triathlons and cross country races with the price of $60,000


#5 Trek Madone 7 – Diamond: $75,000


The Trek Madone 7 Diamonds is a rare specimen among mountain bikes. This was the same model used by Lance Armstrong when he won his seventh Tour de France title. Ganging up to create this historic mountain bike were Nike, Trek Bikes, Alan Friedman and Lenny Futura. All parties joined together to give Armstrong a bike intended for winners and it never failed. Aside from its rich history, the Trek Madone-7 Diamond is embedded with real diamonds, 307 to be exact with the price of $75,000


#4 Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike: $114,000


The Auramania Crystal Edition Gold mountain bike is a plush creation intended for those who want to ride and conquer trails and roads in luxury. The frame is crafted from 24k karat gold and is decorated with 600 sparkling Swarovski crystals at the crossbar. The seat is also another high class feature. Made of fine leather, it gives the wearer a very comfortable ride regardless of terrain.There are only 10 Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bikes in the world, thus making it a very valuable and sought after item especially among mountain bike die hards with the price of $114,000


top 10 expensive cycles

#3 Kaws – Trek Madone: $160,000

Kaws- Trek Madone

Kaws- Trek Madone


Lance Armstrong rode the Kaws-Trek Madone during the Vuelta Leon y Castilla Race in 2009. It was soon auctioned by Sotheby’s for the Global Fight Against Cancer. A collaborative creation between Trek Madone and bicycle designer Brian Donnelly, aka Kaws, this particular bike was meant for Armstrong’s daily cycling routine, painted with classic yellow, black and white theme with the price of $160,000


#2 Trek Yoshimoto Nara: $200,000

Trek-Yoshitomo top 10 expensive cycles

Trek tapped Japanese artist Yoshimoto Narra for a project and this bike is the product of that partnership. Narra, a known punk soul who likes to draw images of children showing negative facial expressions, made that tendency clear with the Trek bike that bears his name. Made for extreme competition, this Trek bike boasted of carbon fiber frame, making it light weight and fast. The Trek X Yoshimoto Narra was created to honor Lance Armstrong, who survived cancer in the late 2000s with the price of $200,000


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#1 Trek Butterfly Madone: $500,000



If you are looking for a bike that flaunts some fancy touches, you might want to check out the Trek Butterfly Madone. Designer Damien Hirst used real butterflies to adorn this high end performance mountain bike as a tribute to Lance Armstrong’s return to the cycling circuit after surviving cancer. Even with the butterflies, this mountain bike was made for racing and can perform well, like any other bikes Armstrong rode in his career with the price of $500,000


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