7 Things You are Doing WRONG

7 Things You are Doing WRONG

Here is the 7 Things You are Doing WRONG

1.Soap During Shower

7 Things You are Doing WRONG
  • We all know that our skin is soo soft.
  • Soap is an astringent, which make damages to skin while using for long time showers.
  • So you can use soap for litte time which is similar to cleaning the body for long time shower.
  • Both shot timje shower and long time shower gives same result.

2.Using Tissue Paper

7 Things You are Doing WRONG
7 Things You are Doing WRONG
  • Think how many times you have used the tissue paper in your life.
  • toones of tissue papers will be wasted, which is obtained from trees.
  • If you use a towel or handkerchip, it can save our country from global warming.
  • It is just a small thing, but helps our earth a lot.

3.Chest Breathing


  • Human body normaly breathes using diaphragm.
  • If you use your chest for breathing, oxygen will not be supplied to whole body.
  • pure oxygen helps to reduce blood pressure and also improves your health.

4.Pasta water and oil

Pasta plus water
7 Things You are Doing WRONG
  • Adding oil to pasta water hels from sticking to sauce.
  •  Ading right amout of water is the matter here.
  • 1 litter of water for 100 gram of pasta is the right amout.
  • if you add more water, then if spoils your cooking and taste.


7 Things You are Doing WRONG
7 Things You are Doing WRONG
  • Every one brushes horizontally and make forgets to floss, which is the mostcommon mistake.
  • One should brush horizontally as well as vertically, and brushing should last upto 3 minutes.

6.Working without Rest

Hard Working
Hard Working
  • You should plan your working time.
  • As well as your rest time should be plannned properly.
  • If you collapse with each other or working without rest, you will not get better result in your work.



  • First you should warm up.
  • Then you can start your scheduled exercise, with little breaks.
  • Can include stretching exercises also.
  • At last warm down should be done.
  • If you fail to do any of those things or working out hardly without breaks can make injury to your muscle.

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