The great emperor of France. He created an all time great mark in the world history by his extraordinary valour and fearlessness. He was a great diplomat and administrator. Being a brave and heroic soldier, Napoleon would not think twice before drawing his sword against the enemy. He was also well known for his brutal tactics, which topped him of all dictators in the world.

A Great Emperor


He was born in Corsican, Nabolione or Nabulione, in the town of Ajaccio in Corsica near France, on15th August 1769. The French Government had just then acquired Corsica as a French territory. At the time of birth, his name was Napoleone di Buonaparte. He later adopted the more French-sounding Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon’s family was minor Italian nobility living in Corsica. His father, Carlo Bonaparte, an attorney, was named Corsica’s representative to the court of Louis XVI of France in 1178, where he remained for a number of years. Napoleon also had an influence of the revolution. Napoleon knew that joining the army was the only career for him. In the year 1779, he was admitted to a French military school at Brienne-le-chateau, a small town near Troyes. He was nine years old at that time. Before entering the military school, he had to learn French. So he learned French however, he spoke with a marked Italian accent throughout his life and never learned to spell properly.

A Great Emperor :

Eventually, he graduated from the Military Academy in1784. After this Napoleon was admitted to the elite Ecole Royale Militaire in Paris, where he completed two year course of study in only one year. Upon the graduation in September 1785, he was commissioned as a second Lieutenant of artillery in the French Army, 1786. By the successful assault of Reign of Terror he earned a promotion to the rank of ‘Brigadier General’. Later in 1794 he was imprisoned and was released within two weeks. But then there was no room for him in the French army. He was discouraged to join the Turkish army and was encouraged by Paul Barras to join him.


 Napoleon’s Marriage

Not many days passed, Napoleon was romantically attached to Barras’ former mistress, Josephine. After his marriage he took command of the French ‘Army of Italy’ , leading  it to great victories across Europe. He was given with the nick name “The little corporal”. Later Napoleon organized many of the French dominated territories in Italy into the Cisalpine Republic.

The military situation had improved in Paris due to several French victories. The Republic was bankrupt. Bonaparte was approached by one of the directors Sieyes, seeking his support for a coup to overthrow the constitution. On 9th November and the following day, troops led by Bonaparte seized control and dispersed the legislative councils. Napoleon drafted the constitution of the year VIII and secured his own election as first consul.

On 2nd December 1804, Napoleon was crowned ‘Emperor of France’. He launched many offensive attacks against many countries and signed many treaties. The Spanish people revolted, leading to one of the bloodiest wars in Napoleon’s career. Over the next six years Napoleon’s army suffered many casualties and defeats, but they came out triumphant. In the following years his army was reduced which paved the way for his downfall. Napoleon was defeated in 181 and imprisoned at the battle of Waterloo. Finally Napoleon died on 5th May 1821.

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