Top 10 Worlds First Inventions

Top 10 Worlds First Inventions

Here is the Top 10 Worlds First Inventions

The world which enjoying the new inventions has more struggled with the older inventions and finally taking the old inventions as role model, they invented the new products which is handled more conviniently.The older and first inventions are listed below.

1.Soccer Ball

Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
  • In 1855, Charles goodyear designed the first rubber soccer ball .
  • Actually it is designed using a vulcanized rubber.
  • And Also Charles Goodyear got patent rights for vulcanized rubber


Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
  • George Eastman is the founder of first camera.
  • Actually He named his Camera as Kodak.
  • And it came for sale at 1888


Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
  • Meanwhile In 1939, Igor Sikorsky designed the first helicopter.
  • Which was finally built by Vought Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United aircraft corporation.



Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
  • John logie baird employed the nipkow disk in his video system in 1920s.
  • Afterward, in 1925s he made the firs demonstration of the silhouette images.
  • In addition, In 1926, he demontrated the motion of transmissin of faces.
  • In Fact This is the first demonstration of worlds first television.

5.Computer Virus


  • The first visur found in computer is “Wild”.
  • It is one of the boot sector virus created by Farooq Alvi Brothers in Pakistan.
  • And also it is the first IBM PC virus.



Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
  • The Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur) Invented the first aeroplane.
  • They made their first invention in 1903 in North Carolina.




  • During 1800s Volta invented the first Battery.
  • Ofcourse it was named as Voltaic Pile.
  • Later more powerfull batteries are invented using this invention as role model.


Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
  • Ultimately Guglielmo Marconi invented the first Radio.
  • Furthermore In 1909 he got the Nobel Prize for his invention.
  • Afterward With the help of the invention of radio, Telegraph and telephone has been developed.



Top 10 Worlds First Inventions
  • Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
  • In 1876, he made the first telephone call to his assistant Thomas Watson.




  • Joseph Nicephore Niepce, In mid 1820s succeeded in his first photography.
  • And this picture is a view fram a window at Le Gras taken in 1826 or 1827..

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