History of MullaPeriyar Dam

History of MullaPeriyar Dam

We are here to have a notice of the History of MullaPeriyar Dam

First of all, a river that originates in Kerala and reaches the nearby Arabian sea.

People thought why it is reaching sea ? instead of that why it can’t reach the dry areas in Tamil Nadu like Madurai and why it can’t be used for agriculture ? and reach the Bay Of Bengal ?

Dam :

History of MullaPeriyar Dam
History of MullaPeriyar Dam

They planned to make a use of that river and built a dam across the river and diverted the river water to Tamil Nadu.
Wow what a plan ! , do you think is that possible ? Yes it is possible. And the name of the Dam is MullaPeriyar dam.
It has been constructed before twenty five years, from the day of construction it has been a problem for both Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The dam was constructed by John Pennycuick. Based on the Pennycuick, our super star Rajinikanth acted his character in a film called Linga. Now we are going to see about how and why the dam was constructed, its history and the problem between Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

British Government Plan :

Firstly, the river called Periyar originates in Kerala and runs over its state and joins the Arabian sea. In 19th Century, Travancore is ruled by a King and Tamil Nadu is ruled by British Government, they noticed the famine and starvation in Madurai district, so the British government made a plan to use the water from Kerala and decided to divert the river which joins Arabian sea for the usage of Madurai district. So they appointed Pennycuick and started a massive plan for the construction of a dam.

At that time, The Travancore King interfered and asked why they are raising a dam in their state, a dispute has been carried out for twenty two years between both rulers and finally made an agreement. The agreement says the British government can use the rain water of Kerala for Tamil Nadu by constructing Mullaperiyar dam in hundred acre land with a charge of three rupees per acre land from British government.

Construction By Pennycuick

periyar dam
History of MullaPeriyar Dam

British government accepts the agreement and asked Pennycuick to start the construction, but after starting the work they realized the dam construction is getting so costly day by day. British government also refused to pay the cost of construction after some point and asked to stop dam construction, but Pennycuick refused to stop and he used his own asserts, sold his asserts for the construction and finished the dam works.
Hence the rain water is stored in mullaperiyar dam and when the water is released from the dam, it gets joined with vaigai river and reached the Tamil Nadu districts, so that it can be used for agriculture.

Independence Day :

By the way, the turning point is, India gets Independence in August 15th of 1947. States were established on language basis, hence Kerala state has been established. At that time A group of IIT Roorkee members examined the dam and reported that if any possibilities for a earthquake with 6.5 Richter, the dam will not withstand and it causes a heavy damage.  After that the Kerala government decided that the dam is too old and it cannot withstand for even a little earthquake, so they decided to stop the water flow to Tamil Nadu.

Dispute between Two Governments :

Finally the Kerala government asked Tamil Nadu government to stop using water from Mullaperiyar dam. But the Tamil Nadu government discussed with them that there will be no chance for a earthquake in our areas. And also if they stop the water flow from the dam, the Tamil Nadu people will suffer a lot for water and for agriculture especially Madurai and also they told that. Also explained that as they maintaining the dam with lot of construction ethics, there will be no chance for damage in the dam. So many disputes going between the both governments

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