Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster

Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster

We are here to have a notice of Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster.
Think like if you wake up and get down from the bed and while brushing, you feel the water fully surrounded around your legs up to your half leg, when you enter the kitchen, your fridge , grinder and all every items sinked in water, television , be row, cash , Adhara card , pan card,  driving license everything gets floating in water.

Flood :

You just thinking like a bad dream and stepping out of your home, that time you realize it that the road in front of your house is completely filled with water, there is no chance of seeing the road , can’t even see a bit of flat road. The place which you think it as road is full of water, and there is no difference that the human being, cow, cow all the things are just floating in that water. This is the actual situation faced by Kerala today. Currently a red alert warning is given in Kerala about 11 districts.
Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster

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Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster

What is the reason behind these heavy disastrous damages in kerala ?
What is happening in kerala ?
From Tamil Nadu, How can we help them ?
How Malayalis staying out of kerala can help kerala people ?
What actually happening in Kerala ?
These are the things which we are going to see in this article.

Flood in Kerala :

A small brief thing to be explained about current situation is, a huge natural disaster called Flood , still continuing, the people are struggling to recover , still heavy rainfall , 324 people passed away due to flood , more number of people lost their house, staying in relief camp without any difference between rich and poor as far as there are thousand twenty six relief camps established in kerala. Central government has announced five hundred crore (500) as relief fund. Each and every celebrity is giving some funds for kerala, this is the actual condition happening in kerala now. Kerala government has estimated the fund needs as two thousand crore (2000), other states also donating some funds.
Now what we are going to see is , where the kerala is damaged in flood, why the flood, why the flood has happened to damage these areas, we can easily point out nature as the sole reason for this flood. But you will realize that, behind the nature, there is a blind mistakes done by human beings.

Districts in kerala :

Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster

Totally fourteen districts (14) are there in Kerala, among fourteen districts, eleven districts are heavily affected by the flood. There are forty four (44) rivers located in Kerala, eight districts (8) are highly damaged in flood which are waynad , malapuram , kozhikode , palakkad , ernakulam , idukki , kottayam , alappuzha. There is no difference in upper side and lower side of the state, gradually across all areas are affected, landslide is the major reason for a lot of death.

Landslide :

Now what is landslide ? The sand in a area slides from one place to another is called landslide. what is the reason behind landslide ? Firstly how landslide is occurring ? is there any flood occurred previously ? these are the questions arising in mind.
Whatever the place now we are sitting, any other land whatever in this world, the land is as same as the place where it is now, But from the last five thousand years , people are exploiting the nature for their own usage, think about it, as now the place we are sitting, the road where we are travelling, is actually a forest previously, we have replaced the forest area into our home place, and also we doesn’t create a new place for planting trees as like we don’t care about nature.


Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster

In 2011, a survey had takes placed on western ghats as executive ecological experts ( WGEE ) survey by a committee and submitted a report to Kerala government regarding sand theft in large number of places and cutting stones from the mountains which is a wrong thing, in which in future if any natural disaster happens, Kerala could not bear the damage. At that time , the government has planned and asked opinion to the people, and both the ruling party and the opposition party decided it as a wrong report and told it as a report against the wellness of people.They thought the report as the survey report is like exaggerating the nature, there will be no such things will happen in Kerala and the government throw the report to the bin. The building were built in a large numbers even in sensitive zone and also in extremely sensitive zone. And also for promoting tourism, sand has been taken in a large amount with permission of government and also without permission. Stones has been taken from mountains and buildings has been raised which is against nature.

Kerala Flood a Natural Disaster

There are forty four rivers located in Kerala. Most of the rivers are getting dry due to large farmers making a little subway in rivers and taking huge amount of water for their agriculture lands and for their personal usage. There is no way for the river water to reach the sea.

Chera King :

Before five thousand years, the Kerala is ruled by chera kings, they made a strict rule that the river water in which land way it is moving, it should not be occupied by the people for their own use. As it is a order by a king, all the people followed that rule.

Sand Theft :

But by now, if there is no water in a certain river for two years. On the third year the sand theft takes place, on the forth year a contractor buy the land area and builds a large buildings in that area. As like there is no evidence for a river area completely filled with buildings. If again rain fall comes, where the water will go ?
It goes on its way only, not any other, but its way is fully filled with buildings, sands are stolen and that area is made empty, so water comes and fill that area where ever it is empty.
It was not the situation faced only by Kerala. Previously Chennai, even if Tamil Nadu faces a heavy rainfall like this, it also make a huge damage in Tamil Nadu also. Where ever the artificial empty place is made and filled with buildings, that will be affected when heavy rainfall occurs. The place now where we are sitting, it may be once a river flowing area, which we made buildings for our personal usage. We have disturbed the nature by making buildings in the place of a river, so it has no proper way to join the sea, it got stored in a place and gets into the living place of human beings after heavy rainfall and make disaster.

Fund Donation

Its okay, but it is not a real time to argue, its tim to help kerala people, the kerala government has opened a website for donating directly for its people

The website link is given below :
or else search CMDRF in google , the first suggestion will be the website of Kerala government. In this website, you can come to know about to whom we can donate.
when a natural disaster happened in tamil nadu, other states, even other country helped without even asking help with them. But now, the kerala government have asked for help due to heavy damage. Its our humanity to help them. You don’t want to be a celebrity to make a help, a normal human can help them.
Let we make Humanity wins.
Lets stand together with kerala, save kerala.

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