10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping

10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping

Here is the 10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping

Every year thousands of kids are being kidnapped. The kidnappers have all the skills of a good psychiatrist. They know how to win the heart of the kids to manipulate their minds perfectly. This threatens the parents as nightmares. But there is still something that we all can do to stop them bright side has put together a list of 14 signs of a child abductor you should never ignore.


10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping
10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping

One of the common tricks that every kidnapper use is asking kids help. If you ever heard any adult begging for help at a playground, it is a reason to be alarmed. If something happened to you, would you really ask an unfamiliar small child to help you? This is not a normal case. Another adult can hold the door for you when you are holding more heavy bags than you can handle and when your dog or cat gets lost, you will more likely spread the word or ask special volunteer groups to find it, not to take a little girl out of the sand box and invite her to search the basements with you.
If you happen to witness n adult sharing his or her problems with kids, it could be a good idea to jump into that conversation and confront the abductor. Ask him or her what is wrong and if you could possibly help out. This should scare the abductor.


10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping

If you see a kid crying screaming and trying to escape, pulling our his or her hand you might think that he is just being naughty and does not want to obey his mom or dad. And If you feel like things have gone too wild and the hysterics is more than a regular grumpy attack, it won’t hurt to check on them ask the kid and the accompanying adult if everything is alright and how they are related. If it turns out to be a false alarm, the parent will most likely to thank you for caring and explain it was a really bad day. If it is really the abductor that is taking away the kid he or she will stumble and most likely reconsider doing the evil act. You must give the information to the police.


Where do childless adults spend their free time? Concert halls, stadiums, museums, bars etc. Somehow the play ground is not on the list. If you spot a suspicious adult watching kids go up and coming down the slides or building sand castles let them know that you know. Take a picture of that stranger. The abductors will most likely get scare and flee.



free chocolate
10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping

We all love free stuffs. But adults learn to accept that nothing is actually free-free. So the enthusiasm fades a bit, and we ask the question of why someone could give me something for free. Kids are very kind and trustful. When offered candy, toys or cool gadgets like Smartphone’s and tablets they will follow the kind stranger anywhere. Some of the strangers will let the kid play a demo game to invite them into the car later to continue. According to the National Centre for exploited children statistics, 12% of the abductors use candy or sweets as a lure.


puppy dog
10 Tips to protect your child from kidnapping

Puppies are so adorable. They make us forget about whatever worried about. Imagine what it does to the mind of the kids. When they see a little dog and get an invitation to play with it privately they will most likely say ‘Yes please’. 7%of the abductors use this trick. So next time you see a lonely adult demonstrating a puppy at playground should make an investigation over it and reveal the truth behind it.



Today using the social networks the abductors can get their victim’s detail such as their relative name, their room design, and even what they received as birthday gifts and soon. All this detail will make the kid believe the abductor is actually friend or colleague with their parents. After winning the child’s trust the villain can say they have to go to the hospital immediately because his mom is in trouble. If you ever over hear such conversation between a kid and an adult take action. Ask clarify, offer help.



All parents teach their kids not to talk to strangers. By strangers we mostly imagine scary looking adults. A little child can do another cute little child lot of harm, actually if that child was sent by kidnappers. It is okay to ask to explain where one kid is taking the other and how long they have known each other for. The same applies to friendly looking ladies.



A slow moving car stopping next to a child is an alarming sign. A driver who is asking a child for directions and invites him or her to get into the car to guide them is 99% a child abductor.



Motorcycles are a popular lure tool. There were known cases in criminal practice when the children were taken away on the motorcycles after they were offered a fun ride. No boy can say a no to such an invitation. If you ever see something like that going on, just think of it: would a regular biker will offer an unfamiliar child to go for a ride and stop that incident instantly.



This trick will unlikely work on pre-schoolers but will do its magic with 10-11 year old and teenagers. Kidnappers approach them complementing their looks and offering easy fame and success. All the future stars have to do is follow them to the parking lot to be taken to a casting spot. Real professionals do not look for acting and modelling talents in the backyards or playgrounds. They organize official castings to mesmerize the children.

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